Advanced Java

Advanced Java Programming

1.      Java Database Connectivity

JDBC Product

Types of Drivers

Two-Tier Client/Server Model

Three-Tier Client/Server Model

Basic Steps of JDBC

Creating and Executing SQL Statement

The Result Set Object

Working with Database MetaData


2.      Servlets

Servlet Interaction & Advanced Servlets

Life cycle of Servlet

Java Servlet Development Kit

servlet package

Reading Servlet Parameters

Reading Initialization Parameters

The javax.servlet.http Package

Handling HTTP

3.      JavaServer Pages

JSP Technologies

Understanding the Client-Server Model

Understanding Web server software

Configuring the JSP Server

Handling JSP Errors

JSP Translation Time Errors

JSP Request Time Errors

Creating a JSP Error Page

4.      RMI

RMI Architecture

Designing RMI application

Executing RMI application

5.      EJB

Types of Enterprises Java beans

Session Bean & Entity Bean

Features of Session Bean

Life-cycle of Stateful Session Bean

Features of Entity Bean

Life-cycle of Entity Bean

Container-managed Transactions &

Bean-managed Transactions

Implementing a container-managed Entity Bean

6.         XML

XML Syntax Rules


Introduction to the Apache Struts

MVC Architecture

Struts Architecture

How Struts Works?

Introduction to the Struts Controller

Introduction to the Struts Action Class

Using Struts Action Form Class

Using Struts HTML Tags

Introduction to Struts Validator Framework

Client Side Address Validation in Struts

Custom Validators Example

Developing Application with Struts Tiles

8.      Hibernate

Introduction to Hibernate 3.0

Hibernate Architecture

First Hibernate Application



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