Introduction to cloud computing :

Introduction to Virtualization

Private, Public and Hybrid cloud

Iaas , Paas , Saas

Why Cloud Computing?

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Introduction to AWS :

Introduction to the AWS Product

Regions and Availability Zones

Navigate the AWS Management Console

Recognize AWS Global Infrastructure

Describe the security measures AWS provides

Elastic Compute Cloud Essentials :

Amazon Machine Images (AMI)

Setting up security

Key pairs & Access keys

Compute Services & Networking :

Identify the different AWS compute and networking options

Describe an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Subnet, Nat Servers and Jump Servers

On-demand, Spot, Reserved instances

Create an Amazon EC2 instance

Connect to the Amazon EC2 instance using key

AWS Storage & Content Delivery :

Identify key AWS storage options

Describe Amazon EBS

Creating an Elastic Block Store Volume

Adding an EBS Volume to an Instance

Snapshotting an EBS Volume and Increasing Performance

Create an Amazon S3 bucket and manage associated objects

Database Solutions on AWS :

Describe Amazon Dynamo DB

Verify key aspects of Amazon RDS

Execute an Amazon RDS drive application

Deployment and Management :

Identify AWS Cloud Formation

Describe Amazon Cloud Watch metrics and alarms

Describe Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM)

AWS DNS service :

Introduction to Route53

Route53 Configuration and Troubleshooting

Amazon Route 53 Health Check

Amazon Route 53 Failover

Configure a DNS Failover to an Amazon S3 static website

AWS Load Balancing Service :

Introduction Elastic Load Balancer

Creating and Verifying Elastic Load Balancer


Introduction to AWS Lambda

Distributed Environments

Handling S3 Events using the AWS Lambda Console

Monitor Lambda S3 functions through Amazon CloudWatch

Content Delivery Web Service :

Introduction to Amazon Cloud Front

Creating an Amazon Cloud Front Web Distribution

AWS Simple Monthly Calculator :

Introduction to Amazon Simple Monthly Calculator

Spot, Reserved, Utilization Based Estimate

Reviewing Large Scale Design Patterns

Other AWS Services :

Cloud Configuration, Cloud Trail, Code Deploy, Docker

Introduction to devOps tools

Ansible , Jenkins, GitHub

Auto Scaling

Demonstration of a complete Project


Doubts and Question/Answers Session

Prerequisite :

Basic Linux knowledge

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